Is A Universal Travel Adapter better than Single Travel Adapter?

less is more

If you're traveling with your family, or just a whole bunch of gadgets and appliances, buying individual adapters for them is an expensive exercise and carrying the extra weight in unnecessary.

Buying one travel adapter can be enough to keep you powered through your holiday ready to shoot that next holiday snap.
Next time you go traveling with your better half don’t fight over the one USB charger you agreed to share (we know it’s a losing battle). 

You only need one

Even if your Airbnb only has one power outlet
in the room don’t worry as the Nimble travel adapter can support and charge up to 6 devices including your laptop through the USB-C PD port, this means you no longer
need to carry that bulky MacBook charger

Baggage Restrictions Aren’t Getting Any Better

Baggage restrictions are getting stricter so travel smart and use a travel adapter to save on the weight so you can adhere to the forever changing rules!

Why You Should Use Universal Plug, Instead of Just One Plug Type?


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