Is Charging Your Phone Overnight Dangerous?

should you charge your phone overnight?

According to studies, leaving your phone plugged in when it's fully charged, like you might overnight, is bad for the battery in the long run.

Once your smartphone has reached 100 percent charge, it gets 'trickle charges' to keep it at 100 percent while plugged in. It keeps the battery in a high-stress, high-tension state, which wears down the chemistry within. 

Does Over charging Shorten Battery?

Overcharging can damage most types of batteries, although some are more tolerant than others. Routinely overcharging a typical lithium-ion battery by even a small amount will significantly decrease its cycle life.

Why Battery Life Is Important?

Performance or battery life? Battery life is important as it can maintain the high performance your phone has to offer. If you shorten your battery life through constant overcharging, then your phones performance will suffer as time goes on. Decreased performance can affect phone lag, browsing speeds and even corrupt files.  

Charging Recommendations

The recommendations is to charge your phone regularly before it reaches 10% but to also never let it reach 100%.
The Nimble has two USB-C ports with different charging speeds to help you regulate what you need, if you need a quick charge( allowing your phone to reach 50% charge in 30 mins) then you can you use the QC/PD Port alternatively the second USB-C port will charge at a slower pace should you wish to charge overnight.  


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