Why you should use universal plug,
instead of just one plug type?

  We all love traveling. A travel adapter is the most common     travel companion. Keeping a powerful, multi-compatible       and multi-function travel adapter in your luggage and has     become a necessity. If you are constantly traveling it may     be a struggle to find the correct adapter at short notice.


It seems confusing on what to choose. Do I need plug converter or voltage converter?
A Voltage converter is a backwards approach. You only need voltage converter when your gadget or plug doesn’t meet the voltage requirement given in an outlet.
Luckily, Nimble Travel Adapter has come with a dual voltage ability. This means that it can accept voltage ranging from 100-240V. Why most travel adapter easily explode? Because it doesn’t accept different kinds of voltages in its system. It could not just affect your adapter but could ruin also your appliances. With safety precautions Nimble has come along with all safety standards for electronics. 

Universal VS. Single Adapters

When choosing adapters, you should be considering the multiple aspects of its compatibility. Yes, you can choose single adapters but did you know that in certain countries they have been using different plug types. Better choose Universal rather than a single plug type. Ease and comfort is what you're purposely traveling not having inconvenience.


Traveling out of the country with your devices is not that easy. You need lots of cable wires and outlet to where you can plug your gears. Bringing your phone charger, laptop charger and any battery charger. All of these things are very inconvenient during traveling.
Nimble comes along with a beautiful solution to that problem. You are worrying that your new gadgets won’t charge fast because of its features that you have to use all of its component due to its compatibility. You don’t have to worry, with Nimble you can just bring along with your cable and leave your bulky chargers behind. Your new smart devices has come with New QC, PD and Type C? It’s a perfect blend embedded in the system of Nimble so you don’t need have too many doubts. It can charge as fast as your new smart devices’ features, even two laptops can be put together while charging in one setting.  


Universal travel adapter was created to avoid too many plugs and interconnecting cables with plug. It handles stress over time, that’s why it is made compact and small for users to use it anytime anywhere.  


Choosing a universal travel adapter is the best option rather than having a multiple plug adapters to meet the various standards. The best quality a travel adapter can give is its lightweight, compact, durable and portable that is convenient to traveler. Here are some of the key features that could benefit a user:
• It is small and not bulky to handle easy to bring anywhere, no need to bring lots off unnecessary plugs
• Its more economical - you can purchase one travel adapter over multiple individual travel plugs.
• It is portable, compact and lightweight that don’t take too much space in your luggage.
• It has also the safety precautions embedded to prevent any untoward incidents. 


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