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Everything You Need to Know How To Prevent Accidents at Home

Tips and Guide on How to Prevent Accident at Home

There are many ways on how to prevent accidents at home. For example, when using a ladder, one must take care not to let any of their body weight hang off the side, and have someone spot them whenever possible. A good rule is that if you can’t see where your feet will land on the ground from up on the ladder then don’t climb higher than two steps in height without having something under it for stability (like a stool). There are also some accidents with hot oil that could happen as cooking or frying at high temperatures such as flipping fried eggs into an empty pan – always be aware of how much liquid fat is left over, so there’s no splashback!

Accidents at home can happen in the blink of an eye, but we hope the following tips will be helpful to you to safely get through your day.

Stay Away from Dangerous Playgrounds

It is always important to stay away from dangerous playgrounds or equipment. Kids are not aware of their surroundings and could easily get hurt playing on something that doesn’t seem as though it would be a problem.

All too often, parents think they have found the perfect place for their child only to find out later that it wasn’t so safe after all keep an eye out for any play area with structures made from metal bars (since these can trap kids and lead to injury) or sharp edges like tables at restaurants. When picking your spot, try to find a location where children won’t feel confined by any objects, such as trees or tree stumps, which can limit movement during an accident.

Children playing

For Playtime, Provide Protective Gear.

If you have a child who is in kindergarten or younger, be sure to provide them with helpful protective gear for playtime. This includes goggles and gloves for when they’re playing on the playground or any time they may get dirty such as working in the garden!

Every parent wants their children to grow up safely- meaning no broken bones from accidents that could have been avoided if your child was wearing some form of protection – so make sure you keep this in mind every day.

boy with gloves and hat

Rugs Should be Kept in Place

Rugs are a common reason for accidents at home. They often become loose and can be pulled up, which is dangerous for small children. They can also be a trip hazard for adults and pets. If you have hardwood or linoleum flooring that is prone to moving around, we recommend placing furniture with flat legs on top of the rug – then it will not move as much if you bump into it. Make sure that any rugs are secured to the ground, so they stay in place and don’t get caught on little feet or toes!

Keep in mind that rugs can also pose an issue when they are being vacuumed. The vacuum can cause the rug to slip and slide, so make sure not to push it back too hard on a carpet – this could result in an accident!

man steps outside

Clutter Should be Minimized

Clutter can be a source of accidents at home. For example, if you have papers strewn over the floor or table they could easily become kicked up and end up in someone’s face – so always make sure to clean clutter away from walkways and other places where it can cause an accident.

It is also important to keep your furniture as clutter-free as possible. For example, removing any tablecloths that may get in the way of walking and be easily pulled off during an accident.

Clutter can also lead to a lack of visibility which could result in injury so it is important to minimize this at home!

Clutter random things

Keep Cables and Cords off the Ground

Cables and cords are also a common reason for accidents at home. Keep them off the ground so that they don’t result in accidental tripping or if someone pulls on them hard enough, it can lead to injury instead of just an inconvenience.

If you have a corded phone with an answering machine attached – keep this safely away from the floor, as it could result in a child pulling on the cord and being injured.

As well, make sure to safely store any cords or cables that are not currently needed!

tangled cords

If you want maximum protection from any type of electrical threat because of tangled and unorganized cords in your home, we recommend you get an iBlockCube Cable Management Box. This box is specifically designed to keep cords organized. The box comes with compartments, so you can store your cables without having them get tangled again.

cable management box

Storing Medicines and Cleaning Supplies Properly

Make sure to store medicines and cleaning supplies safely. For example, always keep them in a location where they are not easily accessible for children under the age of six years old.

Also, be aware when storing these products that if you use paper towels or toilet tissue as disposable items – then it is important to make sure those types of materials don’t get mixed in with any type of cleaning supply.

If you’re not sure how to store these items safely, be sure to ask a pharmacist or other medical professional for their input!

medicine storage cabinet

Animal Safety Tips

It is also important to safely store any medications away from your pets.

For example, make sure that you don’t leave pills or other types of medication on the floor where they can be easily reached by animals – as this could lead to accidental ingestion and an accident at home.

Be mindful when it comes to storing cleaning supplies for pet accidents in a location not accessible by children under six years old as well!

pet clutter

Electrical Appliance Safety Tips

Finally, another way to safely prevent home accidents is by being aware of any electrical appliances in your home.

For example, if you have a corded phone with an answering machine attached – do not place it near water sources! If the phone falls into water, it can cause electric shock when plugged back in and lead to injury instead of just inconvenience.

Air Conditioner and Ceiling Fan

As well as keeping all cords safely out of reach from pets or young children who may be unaccompanied at times so that they don’t reach them on accident

Do not ever leave appliances such as microwaves unattended while running because these could result in severe injuries during an accidental fire or illness due to radiation exposure. Always ensure there are no food items inside before leaving for any length of time!

Hide Harmful Chemicals

Poisonous chemicals such as those present in antifreeze and cleaning products are also something to be aware of. If you have any in your home, make sure they are safely stored away from pets or children – as this could lead to accidental ingestion and an accident at home!

harmful chemicals

Preventing accidents at home is a lot easier than you might think. By understanding some of the more common types of household hazards, you can take steps to avoid them and keep your family safe. For example, by keeping knives sharpened and out of reach of children or pets, you’ll be able to prevent accidental cuts in the kitchen while also reducing potential dangers that come with having an unsupervised blade. Of course, there are many other ways for families to stay safe around the house, but we hope this post has given you plenty of tips on how best to do so!

home extension lead

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