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World's First 35W All-in-One
Universal Travel Adapter

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35W All-in-One Universal Travel
Adapter with 2 Type-C

Quick Charge 3.0 

In the market, many fast charging protocols are competing with great brands including OnePlus Dash Charging, Motorola Turbo Charging, Adaptive Fast Charging from Samsung and OPPO VOOC, etc., and Quick Charge from Qualcomm and USB Power Delivery from the USB-IF standards are the most common used protocols inside their system.

Quick charge is the only patented technology which was produced by a collaboration of big companies that allows charging of battery powered devices, especially mobile phones, with a typical 5 volts 2 amps and beyond which most USB standards allowed for. With the following  3 versions of Quick Charge that are released runs from 3.6 V to 20 V, 200 mV increments with 2.5A-4.6A. To make Quick Charge more effective, both the device and the charger are compatible and accepting the system with the same version.

USB Type C and USB Power Delivery 

USB-IF standards organization introduces USB Power Delivery in the market as a standard protocol to compete with the Quick Charge of Qualcomm. It requires a new connectors and cables for full USB 2.0 connector support to be implemented over any USB powered devices. USB Power Delivery together with the USB Type C has change its evolution of the fast charging protocol principles. With both protocols it powers up multiple USB type devices at the advantage beyond its maximum capacity. Using USB Type C alone can support 5V at 3amps (15W), but together with USB Power Delivery it maximizes its ability up to 100W. You can use USB Type C for small gadgets but if you need more to power up large devices at a shorter time use both system protocols. Power Delivery support as high as 20V that can charge up to 100W max. 

Quick Charge 3.0 Salient Features 

If you worry how the power is implemented or worry about how recently battery fires that plagued Samsung’s Galaxy Note7, then your worry is at ease with Quick Charge salient features that is more proactive. It has Over-voltage, Over-current and Over-temp protection with other great features like cable quality and type detection like USB Type C, connector protection features, power regulation inside phone and many more. This system utilizes an enhancement of a consumers’ safety protection.

Compatible with over 250 Different Countries

It has four styles of prongs that one for UK plug, Europlug, Australia, and US style plug. Australia and New Zealand have the same plug standard using Type I plug. Traveling to another countries has to deal with plug incompatibilities so make sure you are prepared for that problem as it is useless bringing your devices and you can’t use it or charge it. Universal Travel Adapter works with 200 different countries approved and accorded with the international standards of International Electrotechnical Commission standards for Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), CE-EMC, CE-LVD and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant. Passed and approved a specific EMC product standard covering EMC compliance testing of Multimedia Equipment (MME) that will replace several other product standards which will soon cease to give presumption of conformity. This new standard will become effective as a harmonized emission standard in compliance with EMC Directive 2014/30/EU. With these standards approval you don't have to worry bringing the adapter anywhere in the world.

Five USB ports with Two Type C

Multiple charging is one of our needs in keeping your smart devices up. You cannot maximize your actions if you only have one USB port on your hand. Make sure to have five USB ports with Two Type C to optimize your devices' fast charging capability.

Main fused & Spare fused

Choose Fuse Enabled Travel Adapter – this new and advanced technology has replaceable fuses on the package with a spare. These fuses have a maximum power rating, and therefore the adapters have a maximum wattage rating. With fuse enabled travel plug it will protect your adapter from high voltage power due to its electrical resistance directly detect and trip its fuse to stop the current rather than destroying your adapter per se. Travel adapters without fuses could cause bigger problem as there will be no protection of your adapter and it will easily blow your equipment.

Need to operate both Push from the slider and lock button in order to prevent the pin from going back

In order to lock the slider you need to give a quick push force preventing the pins from pushing back and it will place right into track with a resounding click. Easy grip handle, comfortable and smooth surface that protect your sensitive skin from rough plastic design.

The Not So Bright LED Light

Sometimes the brightness of LED at night is not comforting. So choose the not so glaring LED to give you soft sounding deep sleep. Lighting can cause eyestrain. Too bright could disturb your sleeping cycle. So we made a technology safe for your eye. Your eye is important. There are significant purposes of LED light in your adapter first is to determine if your equipment is functioning and secondly is to protect you from forgetting your devices to unplug. Without LED, charging devices are not unplug to its wall socket. Thanks to LED light system we can easily see products that are charging or been plugged.

The World's First Grounded Global Travel
Adapter with Resettable Fuse

Technological advancements has paved the way on its limitless capabilities. In the leading market almost all travel adapters worldwide are designed with single-use of fuses to protect electronics from power surges and overloads, but with a single fuse is very hassle to take it over or replacing it over time. To solve this repeating problem on the equipment, we made a new innovation technology that is perfectly designed to have two fuses in one adapter. Two slots-enabled fuse plug, one is for the spare fuse and the other one is for the current active fuse so you don't have to worry finding for a spare item if one is defective. With this new invention it will automatically reset the fuse and detect its overload before the equipment's physical device. This revolutionary design made it perfect for traveling around the world with ease and comfort having no worries of different electrical hazards. Our technology is made for your safety and comfort.

New Grounding System for Safety Protection

Ungrounded plug is for light-duty extension cords with only two prongs. It is used in a common small appliances such as phone charger, electric fans and other light devices. While on the other hand grounded plugs are three pronged and the third one is the ground which provides a return path for excess electrical current to prevent damage to the appliances, or even worse, electrical shock to the user if there’s a short circuit, high voltage, power surge or irregular electrical currents. This safety precaution is proactively made approach for the unexpected circumstances of electrical hazard. The safety of our consumers is what this adapter is made of.

The grounding system plays an important role in leading the market sales, 99% of travel adapters on the market do not have a ground connection from that stand point this great technology has performed better than any other competing products. Make use of your safety concerned thoughts while buying or purchasing online with your favorite travel adapter. 

Risks and challenges

Excited as we are, pressures and hardships have motivated and devoted our heart and soul to the creative design of this high end latest technology. From the prototype designing to manufacturing up to its distribution in the market is very heart pounding. Our effort has been fruitful for this year's new advanced technology as we deliver the first of its design ever made before. With the emergence of needs for the improvement and enhancements of the product to meet the needs of the customers we have been always on the go to improve and deliver a good quality product that have passed international standards. This is one of the important aspect we have considered as this product is one of your travel companion going out of the country, to your business trips and holiday adventure.

As through thick and thin, challenges meet halfway has been initialized and re-run to meet the system's goal performance. Good performance and long-term solution is what it is designed. Durability, portability and the safety of its design gives us the most serious and focused problem-solution as it is part of the criteria that we considered before going into the market. Even we have tight schedules, we are committed to keep you informed on our product achievement all throughout its campaign.

We are working on the best and top-notch courier company who delivers a reliable, safe and fast international delivery. Our team is closely monitoring with different couriers to prevent any problematic courier agency and to avoid any inconvenience to our customers. 

With our great design, we are happy to give you assurance that all our efforts are of great quality from producing a marvelous product but it doesn't stop there, we also make sure that the product arrives on time with optimum quality. We are always glad to serve and interact with you through our customer service representative 24/7.