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Why the Nimble 35W Travel Adapter a MUST for all Travellers?

A key feature of the Nimble is the dedicated USB-C Quick Charge and Power Delivery port, unlike traditional travel adapters, The Nimble will provide a full 18W output to the QC and PD Port regardless of how many other
devices are plugged in.

But we all travel with more than one gadget right? Yes, besides the one dedicated USB-C QC/PD port, The Nimble features three USB-A ports and a secondary USB-C port which shares a combined power of 17W allowing you to charge all your travel gadgets from one charger. Save the luggage capacity as you will no longer be needing multiple chargers for each device!

Travelling with multiple chargers…. or worse, a single charger and plug adapter combo can be super frustrating when trying to power multiple devices. The Nimble can charge up to 6 devices safely anywhere you may travel to, it has been designed to manage the power safely using 3 independent circuit boards to control each power output independently from one another.

Why the Nimble is the only Travel Adapter you Need?

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