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The Best Universal Travel Adapter and Converter for Travelers

Have you ever been in a foreign country and did not have the correct travel adapter and converter for your phone, laptop, or other electronics or asked for help due to a low battery?

One of the things that most people forget to bring when traveling is an adapter and converter. It can be very frustrating if you can’t use your phone, laptop, or any other electronic device that needs charging if you forget them.

So, suppose you are an efficient packer or travel smart. In that case, you know that bringing a travel adapter, a converter, or a power converter will make your trip smooth and hassle-free.

In this article, we will discuss how important it is to invest in a universal travel adapter and what are some of the best ones in the market today.

Travel Adapter, Universal Travel Power Adapter, and Travel Converter


It is a plug that connects a piece of electrical equipment from one country to the electricity supply in another country when it can not be connected directly. It is handy when traveling.


Most of the time, converters convert the voltage from 220/240V to 110/120V. Suppose your device only works at 110/120 volts (American devices). In that case, you will need a converter to change the power supply in your destination country to operate safely.

To change the voltage, you must plug your device into a converter. If you do not, your device could overheat or break. For example, suppose you are traveling from the United States to France. In that case, your American curling iron will not work in France because the voltage there is 220V, and yours is 110V. A travel adapter converter for a hair dryer or curler or travel voltage converter 220V to 110V is a must!

Travel Adapter and Converter or Universal Adapter

A universal travel plug adapter set or converter is a complete tool. The adapter is just a plug-in that changes the shape of the plug to fit the outlet. It does not change the voltage or the amount of electricity that comes out. You will need a converter for that.

But this set works as both adapter and travel voltage converter. It is the best way to travel for most people because you will be ready for any charging or electrical needs wherever you are.

Difference between an Adapter and a Converter

The big difference between power plug adapters and converters is their functions. An adapter is a connector that changes the plug configuration to fit or conform to the socket in the foreign country. At the same time, they designed a converter to change the voltage or frequency of an electrical current. You can only use it with devices that do not require a physical connection.

So let us say you are from the United States and are planning to visit the United Kingdom. Plugs in the US have two flat pins, which may not fit other countries’ wall sockets, such as in the UK. With these, you will need an adapter to ensure your electrical appliances fit perfectly into other countries’ wall sockets.

Converters, on the other hand, help you operate with the standard voltage. It changes the voltage of your electronic device so that you can use it in other countries without blowing up!

Traveling from the US, which typically operates on 110-120 volts and plugs into 230-volt outlets in countries like the UK or France, is where converters can come in handy! Converter devices change your power supply before delivering electricity safely through an outlet.

When overseas, it is a must that both converters and adapters are part of your travel kit. These two will ensure that plugs of your electrical devices will fit in different types of sockets in foreign countries worldwide.

Are all universal adapters the same?

All you have to do is search for a wall charger whose output matches the device input. There are so many different wall adapters that it would be challenging to keep a list of them all. Almost every new device has a custom one made for it.

What are the types of adapters?

There are 15 different types of sockets in the world right now, and 12 are the most common ones.

Once you know which plugs to use in different parts of the world, you can begin to pin down your choices. Depending on your need, you can choose a single-region adapter, a plug that works in more than one region, or a universal model.

Single-Region Travel Adapters

The easiest option is a travel adapter that only works in one region. Not only can these models be used in certain countries, but you can also use them in places with the same plugs and voltages.

Although these designs are usually the cheapest, it is essential to remember that choosing a travel adapter for a single region may limit your options in the future.

Some single-region travel adapters are multi-way so that you can plug in more than one thing at once. You can pair a one-way, single-region converter with a multi-socket extension lead if you have more than one device or need more power.

Multi-Region Travel Adapters

You could instead choose a plug adapter that works in more than one country or region. Most of the time, these are a bit bigger or more complicated, with various connectors for different sockets. They made them work simultaneously with different plug and socket standards from different countries.

Most multi-region travel adapters can work with plug standards from Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom, and North America. Again, versions for more than one region can be one-way or two-way, depending on your needs.

Universal Travel Adapters

Most of the time, travel adapters are the most flexible choice because you can use them in most countries worldwide. But it is important to note that this versatility comes with a bigger size, especially compared with the smaller single or multi-region designs.

The best universal travel adapter’s extra features can be a big plus. Still, their size can make them less valuable and harder to carry. It is also important to note that the excess weight can make the plug feel less stable in sockets that are not as stable, like the US two-pin. Also, the bigger the universal travel adapter, the more likely it is to block other plugs or not fit in some places.

Why are there so many different plug types?

When people started getting electricity from the mains, they mainly used it for lighting. But as electronic devices and equipment grew, it was often cheaper to power lights than appliances. They changed many devices with lower wattages to use in light fixtures.

As the use of electrical appliances continued to increase, more and more devices got their plugs and sockets to connect to the mains.

A handy first step in buying the correct adapter for various plug types is learning to recognize the most widely-used types.

What to consider in looking for a suitable travel adapter and a power voltage converter?


Pick an aesthetically pleasing adapter, like one with sleek lines or another color besides black, which might be too dull for some consumers compared to other colors available.

These are also useful for those who have kids traveling with them because they will find their adapters more appealing than bulky gray ones!

Size and Weight

Consider the size of your adapter and converter. The more compact and lightweight the adapter is, the better.

Those who travel extensively or for a long time at once, we know that every ounce counts when packing! It might be an essential factor in your carry-on bag or checked luggage.

Lighter adapters are also easier to work with because they are not so awkward when trying to fit them into a pocket or purse. You can charge your devices without worrying about carrying a large contraption.


It is vital to have a travel adapter or converter that has the correct plug for it to work. We all experience moments of forgetting our adapters at home, and this is where having one with international compatibility comes into play! They are slightly more expensive than your average universal power adaptors but worth considering.

There are different types of international power adapters. The best style to get is the Universal Travel Adapter. It fits with the wall socket of more than 150 countries and is compatible with AC 100-240 volts and 50/60Hz. It means you can use it anywhere in the world without worrying about being unable to charge your device or plug it in!

As a traveler myself who has gone on many trips abroad, I know how important having an adapter and converter is for our everyday life. It is awkward carrying around massive contraptions so that we can charge our devices when they run out of battery.

A lot of people have experienced forgetting their adapters at home, too; this is why getting one that is internationally approved is a must.

Number and Types of Plug

There are different power adapters, but the most common ones in countries outside North America, Japan, China, South Africa, etc., use two round pins (Type C). Type G uses three flat blades or slots, while Type H has four slanted parallel edges.

Whatever type of adapter you purchase, make sure that it is compatible with your country and the type of plug used in the region you visit.

Voltage Range

Another necessary element to consider when purchasing adapters and converters are the voltage range.

Your electronic devices can be single or dual voltage. Single volts have 100-240 volts, while dual voltage devices range from 120 to 260 volts.

For those who are unaware, the power outlets in North America and Japan operate at 100 volts or 120V. At the same time, other regions use 230-240 V. If your device is single voltage, it will not work correctly outside unless you use a converter. Learn the adapter work to have a very convenient trip.

The converter helps change the electricity so you can use non-dual voltage electronic devices when visiting foreign countries.

Safety Features

Some of the best universal adapters have built-in fuses against power spikes. Even though their effectiveness differs, they can help keep your devices safe in countries where the electricity supply is not very dependable. Spikes, dips, and surges in power can easily damage your electronics.

Surge protection is essential because surges can happen anytime, and nobody is ready for one. Since power surges may occur at any moment, there is no need to worry about damage to your electronics when you use a surge protector.

Importance of Number of USB Ports for Travel Adapter and Voltage Converter

One of the primary factors to consider when purchasing a travel adapter is its many USB receptacles. These days, most devices needed for traveling require power, and having more than one or two charging points can be beneficial!

While some adapters only have one port – which might work well if all your cables are short enough to reach. Others may feature up to four so that you don’t need multiple adapters plugged in at once.

So if you have lots of cables or a variety of devices like tablets, portable speakers, and cameras that need powering up – it is worth buying travel adapters with numerous USB receptacles.

Types of Travel Adaptors

Single-region travel adaptor

It is the most straightforward option for world travelers with one of two specific needs. They either want to stay in a single region or visit areas with the same sockets and voltage.

They use These models when visiting countries that share similar socket types but have different voltages. However, it is essential to remember that these options may seem more cost-effective upfront. If you plan on traveling extensively throughout Europe, including visits to multiple regions within those boundaries, then choosing this type of adapter will not provide any flexibility.

Multi-country or region plug adaptor

It is the perfect option for people who want to be able to accommodate a variety of sockets from different countries. These adapters are typically slightly more extensive and more complex than single-country models. Still, they allow you access to plugs that fit your various needs without buying multiple adaptors.

The most common types of these units handle European, Asian/UK standards, and North American outlets. However, variations are tailored to certain regions if you have an unusual need!

Universal travel adapters

They are a great way to avoid carrying multiple adapter plugs for international trips. They are also generally more versatile than single-country or multi-region adapters. Still, these trade-offs come in size and weight – they can be bulky and difficult to transport if you don’t plan!

Advantages of Travel Adapter and Converter

Travel adapters and converters are crucial to our electronic devices staying intact. These two pieces of equipment are beneficial when traveling abroad because they allow your device plugs to fit different sockets found worldwide without blowing up!

A wide variety of travel adapters and converters are available on the market, making it difficult for people looking for one that suits their needs. You must research beforehand so as not to get stuck with something unsuitable and end up wasting money.

It would help if you also bought from reputable brands like iBlockCube Nimble Series, Bravado, or AmazonBasics. They have been supplying stylish and dependable travel adapters and voltage converters in the market.

How to choose the best adapter?

Find out the voltage you need. Look at your charger, electricity brick, or plug to see the voltage. You may need to put on your glasses because the number you’re looking for is usually minimal. If you see a range (like 110-240V) or two voltages (like 120V/240V), your device can work anywhere they use those voltages.

If you already have the best one. You may purchase a travel adapter kit or accessories that go with it, such as the charging cable, USB wall charger or USB charger, and ac power cord.

Recommended Best Travel Adapter and Converter Near Me

The iBlockCube Nimble Series

iBlockcube Nimble Series is a must-have for people who travel frequently. With its multi-use plugs, you can charge your devices anywhere in the world without worrying about finding an adapter or messing with plug adapters at inconvenient times!

It also has three fast-charging USB ports that are perfect for when you’re on vacation and need some juice quickly but don’t want to take up all those outlets by using multiple chargers. 

And suppose you have any electronic products like headphones that happen to break while traveling (it’s always something). In that case, this charger will automatically cut off power once it reaches over 100° F, so there won’t be any fires during emergencies. You will know because the product alarm system will sound until everything cools off.

Suppose you are looking for a worldwide travel plug and also a converter. And charges six devices, like cell phones, laptops, and other gadgets, simultaneously; iBlockcube Bravado is your go-to.

It features a sleek design that will fit in well with any environment and deliver reliable power no matter where it sits. iBlockcube has this powerful kit that is an all-in-one adapter.

The Safest World Travel Adapter by Orei

The Safest World Travel Adapter by Orei 3 M8+ is an excellent option for those who travel the world. This adapter allows you to plug in double-voltage devices not equipped with an auto voltage selection, such as smartphones and tablets. It can be used anywhere from Australia to Switzerland because it accepts two or 3-prong grounded plugs from any country worldwide!

The Ceptics Adapter Plug Set

It is a must-have for travelers, making it possible to connect any 3-round prong plug into an outlet worldwide. With capacities up to 3000 watts (max 250 volts and 13 amps) available; this set will work in most countries, including Australia, New Zealand, China Type I – E/F Russia, Germany & France with Type G UK, Hong Kong Saudi Arabia as well as those of North America Types B&C such as Europe Asia Middle East, etc.

NEWVANGA International Universal All in One Travel Adapter

This travel adapter Accepts Plugs from More than 150 Countries with US/EU/UK/AU European Plugs like Thailand, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, Rome, and France. The World Adapter Plug is compatible with almost all USB Devices such as Apple iPhone X,8, 8 plus, 7, 7s, 6, 6s, 5s, 4S, Sony Blackberry, HTC, Lenovo, LG, ZTE, Huawei, etc.

The BESTEK Travel Adapter

The BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter is the BMW of its type and is perfect for travelers. With a 250-watt power that can charge seven devices at once, this inverter has all you need to prepare for your next European trip with over-current protection. The only ETL-certified brand in the converter market offers NRTL safety-tested upgraded hardware, which provides complete security when charging six or more devices simultaneously!

Foval International Travel Adapter

FOVAL Power Step Down will make this task easy with its 2 USB ports and ability to charge four different items simultaneously!

It is lightweight so that it won’t take up space in a carry-on bag or suitcase. It is also perfect when ultralight backpacking because one less item weighing us down means more effortless mobility on foot.

The TESSAN International Power Plug

The TESSAN International Power Plug is a must-have for anyone traveling to Europe. This international power plug adapter will not take up your luggage space, and it has 2 USB receptacles with enough juice to charge four devices simultaneously! With this converter, there are no more worries about whether or not your phone charger socket matches that of an EU outlet.

Insignia Travel Adapter and Converter

With this, you can easily power your 25-1875W single-voltage appliances even as you travel. It comes with five international plugs so you can use it in various countries on different continents.

The EPICA Universal Travel Adapter

The EPICA Universal Travel Adapter is a compact, 6-in-1 travel plug with 4 USB receptacles, 1 type C, and 1 AC socket. It can charge six devices at high speed simultaneously and is safety certified. Choose one from the four colors: rose gold, gray, white, and black.

Where to Buy Travel Adapters and Converters?

This part is the answer to your most frequently asked questions. The best place to buy a travel adapter or converter is from, especially with their customer service and return policy that will work for you regardless of the situation.

You can also find them at your local Target store and Walmart. But remember, they will likely be much more expensive than ordering them online. It’s not worth paying extra, so you don’t have to lug around an unwieldy box while traveling!

You can also purchase them in airports once you arrive in your destination country.

The best time to buy a travel adapter or converter is as early as possible before any trip. It will help ensure that you’ve set everything and are ready to go when it comes down to packing up the rest of your supplies!

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