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20 Must-Have Travel Essentials for Women’s Carry-On Bags

By iBlockCube Test - June 9, 2023
travel essentials for women

Travel in Style and Convenience: 20 Must-Have Carry-On Bag Essentials for Women

If you are a woman, travelling can be quite difficult. There is so much to consider such as what outfits to pack and how to make sure your hair stays put. However, the most important aspect of travelling for many females is packing their carry-on bags. It’s even harder if you’re going on a long trip; because let’s face it ladies: we like everything that could fit into our bags—which makes travel arduous and overwhelming at times (especially when trying to get through airport security). But don’t fret! We’ve created an ultimate women’s travel checklist below with all those must-have items you’ll need to breeze through airports around the world without any problems or stress involved.

Please note: These travel essentials for women should go into a carry-on travel bag that you will be taking with you on the plane.

The first travel essential that goes in every woman’s travel must-have is an empty tote. This way, no matter where you are going, whether it’s to Europe or Asia, your luggage can come with you as well and not have to be checked at all. Moreover, if there happen to be any gifts from your travels (i.e., souvenirs) they can also fit inside the tote without having them count towards your 20-pound allotment of space!

Women travel differently than men. We travel with our entire lives in a carry-on bag, and we need to be prepared for anything that might happen. I’ve created this packing list of 20 must-have travel essentials for women that will make your next trip easier, safer, and more fun!

Travel Essentials for Women: The Must-Have Checklist

travel essentials for women

Backpack/suitcase to transport

If you often travel, it’s best to invest in a sturdy travel backpack as your travel bag. It should be large enough to fit all the items on this checklist and have several pockets for organization. I recommend traveling with a carry-on-sized suitcase that can double as a personal item if needed so you don’t have to check your bag.

Travel jewelry case

Jewelry travel cases are incredibly helpful for keeping your favorite pieces organized and safe. If you travel with expensive jewelry, it’s best to pack them in a travel case that will keep them secure during travel.

Jewelry travel cases are great for storing all of your small travel-sized accessories. I recommend buying one that is compact and has several compartments to keep you organized while traveling.

Insurance for Travel

Make sure you travel with insurance for your trip. You never know what might happen, and travel insurances are a great way to ensure that if anything happens while traveling, you’ll be covered. Try World Nomads which covers travelers from over 150 countries!

Safety Items

Safety is important for traveling. Make sure you travel with a travel lock so that your bag can’t be opened without the key, and also have on-hand pepper spray or mace just in case!

Carry both your passport as well as an official form of identification such as a driver’s license when traveling internationally to avoid any issues while going through customs or security checkpoints.

Safety is important when traveling as a female. It’s best to travel a safety whistle, along with carrying your belongings in front of you instead of behind you, so they’re not easy for thieves to grab.

Comfy Shoes and Clothes

Traveling means long hours of walking around on our feet. It’s best to travel wearing comfortable shoes that go well with all outfits and are good quality for travel. I recommend traveling with at least two pairs of shoes – one casual pair of sneakers/flats and another dressier pair if needed.

The most important essential travels for women are comfortable shoes and clothes. I always travel with my comfiest pair of walking shoes, several pairs of leggings (which double as pajamas), a couple of tank tops to sleep in, long skirts, a bathing suit, and a hat to cover up from the sun or disguise bad hair days!

Another great travel essential is packing cubes. They help keep all of your travel items organized and separate, so you can easily find everything when needed, especially when backpacking or traveling in a crowded bus/train.

If you’re traveling internationally, be sure to learn about cultural differences when it comes to dressing before your trip. In some countries like India and Afghanistan, shoulders should not be visible while other places such as Morocco require covering everything but your face. Be aware of these things before traveling so that you don’t offend people by showing too much skin or getting arrested wearing inappropriate clothing.

Don’t forget about the travel clothesline! This way, no matter where you go on vacation (or even business), there will always be someplace to hang up wet clothes after washing them out. Not only does it keep your suitcase from stinking but this travel essential allows women to light by having space reserved for their travel wardrobe.

Another travel essential for women is a travel-sized umbrella! This way, if it does happen to rain on your trip there will always be some shelter from the storm so you don’t have to worry about getting wet and having a ruined vacation.

Hair Care Items 

For travel, it’s best to pack travel-sized hair care items, so you don’t have to worry about your shampoo leaking in your bag or getting confiscated by security. I recommend bringing a travel dryer, travel flat iron/curler, hair ties, and good hairspray if needed!

Some essential female travel products are small toiletry bags. I travel with one for my makeup essentials, one to hold all of my hair products and accessories, and another bag that has the rest of the small travel items like deodorant or lotion!

Don’t forget travel-sized toiletries that are travel-friendly. I always travel with my shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothpaste, and a toothbrush to keep me clean while on the road, so I don’t have to worry about using public restrooms.

Another female travel essential is a scarf which can be used as a blanket on long bus rides, worn around your neck in cold weather locations, or even used as a beach towel! Traveling is hard enough without forgetting the travel essentials. Make sure to pack these travel must-haves for females before leaving on your journey!

Camera Gears

Another travel must-have every woman should pack is their camera. This way, no matter what you do or see while traveling abroad (or just domestically) there will always be some documentation of your journey too!

Travel photography gear is an essential travel item for women. A travel camera is a must-have for females who want to capture the moment. I recommend investing in a good DSLR with lenses, a tripod, and memory cards!

I always travel with my DSLR camera, lenses, tripod stand, and travel bag so that when the moment strikes me on the road or at a local destination, I can capture it all in HD!

Travel Towels

Travel essentials for women also include travel towels and washcloths. I recommend bringing a travel towel that’s quick-drying, thin, and lightweight, so you can easily pack it into your bag or suitcase!

A travel pillow is another travel essential for women who tend to get restless when sitting in a travel seat or on long bus rides. It’s best to have one that can be folded up and tucked away when not being used, so you’re not taking up any extra space!

Another travel essential is buying travel-sized hygiene products when possible. Make sure to bring small bottles of shampoo/conditioner/soap, travel toothpaste and brush, deodorant (travel-sized of course), face wash, or wipes.

As far as clothes go, an infinity scarf can also fit into that category of must-haves because not only are they incredibly stylish but versatile too! Moreover, this chic accessory is great for keeping warm when going out at night—and even doubles as a beach cover-up or picnic blanket during the daytime hours too!

Water Bottles and Flasks

An essential travel item to include when traveling is a water bottle. I recommend buying one that’s reusable and collapsible, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in your bag or luggage!

To make sure we stay hydrated on our journeys, women should always travel with their water bottles. It’s best to have a travel water bottle that can be refilled easily at gas stations, restaurants, or public restrooms.

Items for personal care

If you ever tear or rip your clothes on an adventure, having a small sewing kit is key! Most of the time all you need is basic threading skills (which can be learned easily online) and some safety pins. Don’t let this one slip of the packing list tips.

Another essential is buying travel-size hygiene products when possible. Make sure to bring small bottles of shampoo/conditioner/soap, travel toothpaste and brush, deodorant (travel-sized of course), face wash, or wipes.

Travel neck pillow

I always travel with my travel neck pillow on long bus rides or planes because I find it’s more comfortable than the seat itself. The thing about most travel pillows is they’re kind of bulky and take up too much room in your luggage. My favorite travel neck pillow has an adjustable strap around it which makes packing easier since I’m able to attach it to my carry-on bag!

Another travel essential for women is a travel pillow. It’s best to have one that can be folded up and tucked away when not being used, so you’re not taking up any extra space!

A scarf can also double as a blanket if needed during colder weather locations while traveling abroad. Traditional silk from Asia would do just fine, or travel scarves can double as a blanket and pillow while resting on the road.

Money and credit cards

There’s no travel essential list for women that doesn’t include travel cash and credit cards! Make sure to bring local currency, as well as a debit or credit card with you on the road.

A must-have item in my opinion when traveling abroad is a foreign currency/traveler’s check because it will come in handy if something unexpected happens. Always keep some US dollars and Euros hidden away too just in case! Another travel necessity: travel insurance info! Don’t forget this item either since it can be very helpful when travel plans go wrong.

A travel essential for women is to have money and your credit cards before you leave! I recommend bringing small bills like $20s, as well as having copies of everything – passport, licenses.

Another travel essential that every woman should consider packing is a first-aid kit (or mini one) with bandages/plasters/painkillers or other medications if needed. Also, think about the weather conditions where you are traveling; it’s important to pack items like an umbrella or waterproof jacket too. Don’t forget sunscreen either since this item might not seem critical but can save you from sunburn during long days in sunny locations! Lastly, bring along some snacks on travel days (such as energy bars) since you never know when your travel day will end up being longer than expected!

Universal Travel Adapter

It’s also important to travel with a universal travel adapter like the iBlockCube Nimble that can be used in nearly every country! This travel essential is useful because you don’t have to worry about bringing any extra adapters while on the road.

A travel item for women should include an all-in-one travel adapter since it will work across multiple countries! Also, remember any adapters needed as well since different countries use different outlets than those used by Americans. It’s best if the one you choose has USB ports, so you can charge your electronics too.

Also, other items are things like hand sanitizer, small sewing kit (just in case) – not necessarily necessities, but they’re incredibly helpful when traveling internationally or domestically. It might seem easier to just buy these items once there, but sometimes stores overseas do not have them readily available which could make travel more difficult.

I would also recommend bringing a travel journal with you, to document travel memories and experiences! It’s always nice to look back on the day-to-day events that occurred during your travels.

Another must-have item should be chargers and cables for all of your devices (phone/camera batteries). These items will come in handy if there is an opportunity to do some sightseeing or explore at night after dinner too!


Earplugs are an essential item for women because they can come in handy during uncomfortable sleeping situations, whether that’s a loud hostel or airplane.

They’ll be useful on planes/trains/anywhere where there could potentially be disruptive noises! I recommend getting some noise-canceling ones too just in case those fit better than regular ones. Also, remember any medications needed — antihistamines or travel sickness tablets as needed.

Also, consider bringing travel locks and luggage tags to ensure your belongings remain safe while you travel! Although it might not be as necessary if you’re staying at hotels or Airbnb’s, these items will help protect against the risk of theft when using public transportation like buses and trains.

sleep mask may seem odd or unnecessary but it’s another travel essential every woman should pack with them no matter where their travels take them. This travel essential is great for long flights on planes where the lights are always kept on. Plus, it’s also a calming device that can help women fall asleep easier when they need to rest during travel time!

Cosmetic and Skin Care Products

Packing travel toiletries for women is very essential to have! Think about all the items you use daily, and try adding those too.

A must-have travel item should never be without cosmetic products and skincare products (facial wash, facial moisturizer, etc.) since these are necessities when it comes to general hygiene or dealing with skin issues/acne breakouts during travel days.

Another travel essential for women is a loofah. No one likes stinky feet—and this includes when traveling too! So make sure to bring a loofah with you that can be used for your feet or even just as an exfoliating tool.

Another travel must-have is travel size shampoo and conditioner. We all know how important it is to stay clean when traveling, so why not make sure you have the right amount of product in travel sizes? It’s also good if they are designed for hair types—especially dry hair!

Remember your favorite shampoo, conditioner, soap (travel size), toothpaste/toothbrush + floss, deodorant – basically everything that will make you feel fresh after a day of travel! Also, keep in mind any medications needed as well as antihistamines or painkillers if headaches occur later on throughout the journey.

Power Banks

A travel item that is important for women should never be without a portable power bank since they are super helpful during travel days.

The travel essentials for women list includes items like an external battery pack, which will come in handy when you’re on the go and need to charge your phone! Also, remember any chargers needed as well so you can travel while your devices are charging.

Don’t forget to bring a travel-friendly power bank that’s small and lightweight, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your carry-on! This is especially important for women because the size of bags tends to be smaller than men’s luggage pieces.


I always travel with my travel toiletry bag that includes all these items because I find it’s easier than buying each one separately at gas stations along the way. Plus, they’re super easy to carry in your purse so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything behind!

Remember travel items should include small bottles/containers of shampoo and conditioner (these are musts), body wash or soap to keep your skin clean, toothpaste + floss if brushing isn’t possible at the moment…and any travel-size toilet paper! I would recommend travel-size toiletries, so you have a minimalist travel packing list for females. Don’t forget your toothbrush and travel makeup too.

To stay updated on the latest in traveling, visit our website regularly. We promise it’s worth your time.

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