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In addition to the Price and Promotion policy, the Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, Warranty Policy, and Privacy Policy on the iBlockCube website applies to all orders from the iBlockCube Corporate Purchase Program. iBlockCube reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to interpret, amend, or terminate any terms of this program.
  • Does it support direct pick-up at the warehouse?

    As products are stocked in multiple warehouses, we do not encourage warehouse pick-up.

  • Do you allow resale for products ordered from Anker Corporate Purchase Program?

    No, we do not support the resale of products.

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iBlockCube Swift Universal Travel Adapter

The Swift Travel Adapter is designed to eliminate the need to pack multiple chargers and adapters. High-efficiency, Gallium Nitride, Gold Standard Technology makes this adapter incredibly powerful. Not only that, it’s also compatible with over 150 countries!


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