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How To Properly Clean and Maintain Your Extension Leads

June 28, 2023
Maintain Your Extension Leads

Maintain Your Extension Leads: Best Practices for Cleaning and Ensuring Durability

A power strip is crucial equipment that allows us to connect several electronic devices to a single power source. However, to ensure their optimum function, and more crucially, their safety, power strips need routine maintenance just like any other electrical equipment.

This article offers crucial advice on how to maintain your extension leads properly, concentrating on important procedures that lessen electrical risks, increase their longevity, and protect your devices.

Maintain Your Extension Leads

Regular Inspection and Cleaning

Regular examination is a key component to maintain you extension leads. Look for physical damage on the power strip, such as frayed cords, loose sockets, or broken housing. Check for any exposed or loose wires as well, cable. Replace the power strip right away if any problems are found and stop using the extension cord immediately.

Over time, dust and debris can build up and present a fire risk. Therefore, to get rid of any dirt or foreign objects, wipe the power strip frequently using a soft, dry cloth, or a small brush. Avoid using liquid or water-based cleaners since they may damage your electrical system.

Avoid Overloading

A typical mistake that increases the risk of overheating and fire is overloading an extension lead. The manufacturer has defined the maximum electrical load capacity for each outlet of the power strip. Make sure that any of the connected devices does not exceed the power strip’s maximum combined wattage. 

Heaters, air conditioners, and powerful gaming systems are examples of appliances that can quickly deplete the available capacity. If required, spread the load evenly among several power strips or outlets. It is strongly advised to use power strips with surge protectors, if available, since they automatically cut power when the capacity is exceeded, avoiding possible harm. 

Proper Cable Management

Effective cable management helps keeps your power strip safe and durable while also minimizing clutter. Avoid tangling or tightly coiling cables because this might put stress on the connectors and wires of the extension lead.

cable management

Instead, tidy and secure the cables with cable ties or use cable management boxes to improve airflow. iBlockCube also offers a cable management box to protect your power strip and cables. Visit our iBlockCube Cable Management Box to check things out!

Keep your power strips out of the way of potential trip hazards, liquid exposure, and foot traffic. Avoid running cables under carpets or rugs because doing so might trap heat and increase the likelihood of overheating. It is very important to maintain your extension leads to preserve its longevity.

Protection Against Surges and Power Outages

Power surges and blackouts can harm electronics and render your power strips useless. Use power strips with surge protection features to keep your equipment safe. Surge protectors prevent potential damage by diverting excess voltage away from connected equipment during power surges. 

iBlockCube has a variety of power strips equipped with surge protection. You can choose from 2M or 5M lengths of extension cords, the number of 3-way outlets, and the number of USB ports per extension lead. Check out iBlockCube’s website to see their collection of Power Strips.

You may also consider purchasing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for more important electronics. A UPS provides backup power during power failures, enabling you to safely shutdown equipment and avoid data loss. 

To protect the security of your electronic equipment and reduce the possibility of electrical risks, proper maintenance of power strips is essential. Power strip upkeep requires routine inspections, cleaning, and adherence to load capacity limitations. 

Proper cable management practices and the purchase of surge protectors or UPS systems also provide further security against potential harm. By adhering to these recommendations when you maintain your extension leads, you may improve the lifespan and functionality of your power strips as well as encourage a secure electrical environment for your connected devices.

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