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The Home Office Supplies Must-Haves for your Work From Home Office

September 9, 2021
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Essential Home Office Supplies for a Productive Work-From-Home Environment

Working from home is becoming a more popular choice for many individuals. With the flexibility of being able to work remotely and on your schedule, it’s no wonder why so many people are giving up their office jobs in favor of work from home setup. However, running a successful business from your home does come with its challenges. One such challenge is making sure you have all the essential supplies to run an efficient and productive work from home office! This article will highlight some of the must-haves that every home office should have!

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Recommended Office Desk Chair and Desk

If you’re planning to set up work from your home office, chances are your desk chair and desk will be your most important investments. The ergonomic design of the right chair can reduce back pain and increase productivity while a good desk can help create an environment for increased focus. Here are some recommendations on what to look for in both chairs and desks that will keep you comfortable, productive, and focused at all times! 

Kinds of Office Chairs and Benefits

  • Big and Tall Comfortable Chair: This type of chair is designed specifically with bigger people in mind. These seats can support up to 6’6″ users comfortably while being made from durable materials like steel frames (to withstand 250 pounds) and extra thick cushions.
  • Conference Chair: These chairs are designed for conference rooms. They are usually low-profile, with a high back and armrests that include pneumatic adjustment.
  • Ergonomic Chair: These chairs were designed for comfort and support with their cushioned seats to reduce pressure points on the body (as well as having lumbar support). Ergo chairs often have contoured backs to keep people comfortable during long hours at work.
  • Executive Office Chair: This type of chair is made from leather or faux leather materials and can be used by both office managers and administrative assistants alike – it’s an economical choice in terms of cost while still providing some of the most common features found in ergonomic models like adjustable height, swivel functions, headrests, etc.

Kinds of Home Office Desks

Are you trying to decide what type of desk would be best for your new home office? Do you want something ergonomic, or space-saving? Maybe a standing desk is more suitable. Whatever it may be, there are many different options available! 

  • Writing desk: A writing desk is a perfect workspace for anyone who needs a place to store their laptops, pens, and paper.
  • Desk with drawers: If you’re looking for a desk that will provide storage and versatility, this is perfect. There are spaces in the back where you can store books or binders as well! The best part is it comes complete with an eraser board on top to keep your ideas fresh!
  • Standing Desk: A standing desk can be beneficial if you want to mix things up from sitting all day long at work. It’s also great because not only does it provide more walking opportunities throughout the day but it keeps us mindful of our posture while we sit too!
  • Ergonomic Desk: Ergonomic desks are an excellent choice for those that work in front of a computer for most or all of their day. They help to reduce neck, back, and shoulder tightness by providing different heights and angles so the user can find one that is comfortable for them as well as adjustable armrests.
  • Computer desk: Gives you all the space you need to house all the technological devices your multiple computer screens, printer, and other gadgets!
  • Corner desk: is an excellent idea for those who want to save space. The lack of a back means that it takes up less room than the traditional L-shaped desks, and allows you more freedom with what happens in your main area of work.
  • L shaped desks: these provide more workspace than other types because they give room on both sides so it’s like two separate desks facing each other which is great if one person works at home while someone else comes over occasionally

Office Desk Must-Haves For your Home Office Setup

Laptop, Desktop, Computers

Laptops are the most popular and go-to option for work from home office because of their portability. Laptop computers are great for those who have an active lifestyle or travel often because they can be easily taken with you when on the go! However, sometimes laptops may not have enough power to run some software programs that require more resources like photo editing tools, video production suites, etc.

Desktop Computers still offer excellent performance but won’t weigh down your arms while carrying it around as much as laptop computers do. However, the desktop offers a larger screen which is ideal for those who work with a lot of text or graphics.

Desktop Computers are also more powerful than Laptops, so they can handle most software programs without any issues.

High-Speed Internet Connection

A high-speed internet connection is necessary when you’re working from home so you can work efficiently and make sure that all of your tasks are completed on time. If the internet connection is really slow, then it will take more time to complete just one task – which could be a big problem for people who have many responsibilities and deadlines!

Lead Extensions and Power Surge Protectors

When you are working from home, you need to make sure that the power is safe and reliable. That’s why it’s a good idea to have lead extensions and also power surge protectors for your home office so there will be no blackouts or any other kind of electrical problem which could delay your work.


Helping you to listen to music or podcasts while you work is an excellent way to relax and concentrate on your tasks. If the sound quality isn’t good enough, then it can be a huge problem for some people who need good ambient sounds to focus.

If you are looking for speakers, there are many different brands available which all have their unique features that could help with concentration and relaxation as well – such as Bluetooth wireless technology so no cables will get tangled up around you! You might also want to consider options like having multiple connectivity points so you can connect more than one device at once.

Mouse and Keyboards

Another important must-have to remember when setting up your home office is a mouse and keyboard. If you don’t have these, many different options will help with comfort levels – such as ergonomic mice that come in various shapes for people who like smaller hands or longer fingernails!

Keyboards can also vary with preferences too so it’s important to find a happy medium between what feels comfortable and suits our personal needs without being too expensive. And always make sure that you get one that has a good key travel distance because this allows for less finger movement which may result in fatigue if using the keys all day long.

Noise-canceling Headsets for Communication

A noise-canceling headset is also a great investment if you can’t find a co-working space to set up your home office. The best ones will not only cancel out the sound but also make it easier for those in the same room by eliminating any echoes or reverberations that might occur with regular speakers, so they are good to have on hand when setting up calls and meetings as well.

Accessible Printers

An accessible printer is a must-have. It’s important to be able to print out any documents, as well as have the option of scanning and copying them if needed. This way you won’t need a huge office space or other expensive equipment that may not even fit in your home!

External, Backup Drive and USB for Storage Space of Files

When saving files, it’s important to have an external hard drive or a USB for backup. This way you won’t lose any files if your computer has issues and is no longer able to work properly. Furthermore, having these backups will also allow you peace of mind in knowing that all your files are safe and secure!

A backup drive only needs to be large enough to hold one copy of your data so even an inexpensive model can do the job quite effectively–if not being used as a stand-alone storage device itself, then by plugging into another system with more storage capacity when needed.

Cord Organizer

A cord organizer is also essential to have in your home office. This will help keep any excess cords from getting tangled or they can also be hidden for a more aesthetically pleasing and organized look on your desk

Interior Decorations for your Office

Your home office is a space that you need to feel comfortable and inspired in. You should be able to work with minimal distractions so it’s important to find the right balance of stylish décor for your space. We’re here to help by giving you some must-have pieces for every room!

Office Light and Ventilation

Lighting and ventilation are both needed for a productive home office. This will help give you the energy to work on your projects while not feeling fatigued or exhausted.

A lot of offices overlook these essentials, but it’s important that they’re taken care of so that you can be at your best all day long!

File Cabinets

A file cabinet is necessary for keeping all of your documents organized. You can’t be looking for important files every time you need them, so it’s best to keep everything in one place.

A large cabinet with plenty of drawers is a good choice because they’re the most versatile and offer space for many different file types such as legal-size or letter-sized paper.

File cabinets are also an attractive addition to your home office!

Desk Organizer and Storage Boxes

To keep your desk clutter-free, you’ll need a desk organizer. A desk is one of the most used areas in your home office and it can quickly become cluttered if left unattended!

To keep things like paper clips, pens, and notepads at arms reach without cluttering up your desktop space (or risking them getting lost when someone else uses the computer), use an under-desk storage box to store these items.

You could also install shelves on either side of a larger work surface for more storage options.

Storage boxes are usually made out of plastic or fabric so they’re easy to clean up too! This is especially important because you never know what might spill during lunchtime…

Wall calendars

It is important to have a calendar on your wall so that you can keep track of the month’s events.

This is especially important for planners and list-makers because it increases productivity by keeping us aware of our deadlines, meetings, and more!

Wall calendars come in all different colors with many options to choose from. They’re inexpensive too: some are even priced as low as $15.00 which is a steal considering how much time they save when planning out your week ahead!

Green Plants or Little Succulents

It is important that your office at home is complete with office equipment but it is also important to have a little bit of green. Plants and succulents are great additions to your office because they provide fresh air, break up the monotony of an all-white space, and make you feel like you’re on vacation!

A Plant or Some Decorations can be anything from a small plant placed on top of our desk as decoration, down to wall decals that will create a relaxing atmosphere in your home office.

Writing and Binding Supplies

If you have the time and desire to create a book or magazine, writing supplies are necessary. For those who would rather not take on that project just yet, there is always the option of using pre-printed pages from sources like Pinterest or Tumblr. It’s also important to have some sort of binding for your home office as well; this could be a binder with plastic sleeves in which you can place smaller projects inside (like magazines) or even expandable binders with metal rings so everything stays together.

All these must-haves will allow you to work efficiently at home without feeling scattered!

Desk Lamp 

One important element to consider when setting up a home office is lighting. It’s important to have enough light without it being too bright, and desk lamps are the perfect solution for this!

A Desk Lamp is a very good option when setting up your work from a home office or at any time you will be working on a computer for long periods is an adjustable desk lamp. Not only does this provide adequate illumination that won’t strain your eyes in front of the screen but they also offer ergonomic benefits such as tilting them down so you’re not looking directly into light. This can help alleviate eyestrain and headaches which may come with prolonged use of computers.


When setting up a new work from a home office,  you’ll need to invest in a desk and chair. The type of furniture you purchase will vary depending on your budget, the size of space you have available for an office set up, or personal preference. Make sure that when you choose a desk, you get one that is deep enough to accommodate the computer and other work material. The chair must offer back support as well as lumbar support so your spine doesn’t suffer from slouching over a keyboard for long periods.

Boards ( Cork Board, White Board, etc.)

Another important office must-have is aboard. A board can be used as a whiteboard, corkboard, bulletin board, or any other type of use that you need in your home office. Boards are very versatile and offer many different uses to make organizing easier.

As you can see, the key to a successful home office is finding that perfect balance between what’s practical and what makes your space feel comfortable. Plus, it’s important to have the right home office supplies.

If you need help getting started with decorating or setting up an office from scratch, visit iBlockCube for some tips. We have been helping homeowners set up their offices and would love to share our expertise!

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