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Your Essential Guide To The Summer Bank Holiday: Powered Up by iBlockCube

July 31, 2023
This coming Summer Bank Holiday

iBlockCube Presents: The Ultimate Guide to Making the Most of Your Summer Bank Holiday

With summer in full swing and the much-awaited Summer Bank Holiday fast approaching, now is the perfect time to travel, relax, and enjoy your long weekend.

Maintaining the power on your devices is essential whether you’re going on a road trip or organizing a relaxing staycation, and iBlockCube has you covered with a selection of premium travel adapters and extension leads.

Let’s experience the wonder of this vacation and see how iBlockCube might improve it.

What is the Summer Bank Holiday?

What is the Summer Bank Holiday

The summer bank holiday was first introduced and observed in the year 1871. Exactly one hundred years later, it was moved to be celebrated every last Monday of August. 

This year, the summer bank holiday will fall on the 28th of August.

In the United Kingdom, the bank holiday is observed as a public holiday known as the Summer Bank Holiday. It denotes the conclusion of summer and provides a 3-day long weekend to let the people enjoy the last of the pleasant weather.

The bank holiday gives the workers an extra day off at the end of the summer season. It allows the people to take a last road trip, or a last visit to the beach before the weather gets colder.

The public holiday is ideal for taking family getaways, relaxing, and taking advantage of the great outdoors.

Enhancing Your Holiday Experience with iBlockCube

Enjoying the summer bank holiday

Whether it’s inside your city, across the nation, or even beyond, the Summer Bank Holiday is a fantastic time to set out on an adventure. However, to truly enjoy your bank holidays, you must ensure that your devices are always charged and prepared to keep your vacation worry- and hassle-free.

Here’s where iBlockCube comes into play! IBlockCube is a company that specializes in offering extension cords and travel adapters of the highest caliber. Allowing you to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your gadgets losing power.

Let’s take a closer look at how iBlockCube’s goods can become ideal travel companions:

  • Universal Travel AdaptersiBlockCube’s universal travel adapters need to be at the top of your packing list if you’re going out over the Summer Bank Holiday. Over 150 countries’ outlets are compatible with these small and lightweight adapters. They have built-in security features, like surge protection, that make sure your gadgets are always secure and prepared to record your vacation memories.
  • Extension Leads – Are you arranging a local excursion or a staycation? Maybe you’re throwing a BBQ or an outdoor movie party on your lawn. If so, you may upgrade your holiday celebrations by using our strong and weatherproof extension cords to power your electronics, lights, and speakers. Our T27 Extension Leads have 6 UK plugs,4 USB charging ports and 2 USB Type-C ports allowing you to simultaneously plug in up to 12 devices.

Summer Bank Holiday: More Than Just A Long Weekend

The Summer Bank Holiday offers the chance to try new things, spend time with loved ones, or simply relax and rejuvenate.

iBlockCube’s travel adapters and extension leads help make sure you’re constantly powered up and prepared to seize the day, whether you’re traveling or remaining at home.

At iBlockCube, we think that our cutting-edge, dependable, and simple-to-use products may improve your way of life. So, use iBlockCube to make your Summer Bank Holiday special and let us help you stay connected no matter where your adventure takes you.

As a special offer for the public holidays, we will be giving a 20% discount on all iBlockCube items!

This promotion will run until the end of August only. So, hurry up! Visit the iBlockcube store and check out everything you want to before the promo ends.

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