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Don’t have enough electrical outlets at home? Use Extension Lead Plugs Sockets

By iBlockCube - January 11, 2022
Extension Lead Plugs Sockets

Solving the Outlet Shortage: Expand Your Power Options with Extension Lead Plugs Sockets

Do you ever feel like your home is becoming a tangled mess of electrical cords due to electrical outlets at home?

Do you have too many items plugged into your power outlets?

Many of us are aware of the overload socket hazard that can happen when we have too many plugs plugged into one outlet.

Overplugging sockets is a safety risk, but it’s one that you can easily avoid by using extension lead plug sockets to help you out!

Extension leads come in handy for so many situations and they’re perfect for small homes where there just isn’t enough room on your power points.

With these plugs, you will never again worry about being unable to charge your phone or laptop because all the power outlets are taken!

You can use them at home or when traveling abroad for peace of mind that there is always enough electricity for everyone! 

What is overplugging?

Overplugging is when you use more plug points than your outlet can handle.

Overloaded sockets are a safety hazard and in some cases, the overload of electrical outlets may cause the breaker to trip or blow up!

Every year, over a million dollars worth of damages, is caused by people who plug in their electronics incorrectly.

It can destroy entire homes and cause families to suffer from financial hardship as the result of expensive repairs or even loss due to destruction.

This danger not only affects your belongings but also disrupts lives completely if they’re caught up with the fire before it’s put out!

How to avoid overplugging at home?

Over plugging can be a problem for families. If you’re concerned about your family’s over plugging habits, read on to learn more about what you can do to help avoid this issue.

Importance of Additional Outlets at Home

Some families have been known to have as many as 5-10 devices plugged into one outlet, which is more than the recommended amount of electronics per room.

Additional outlets at home will help you avoid over plugging and overloads.

Overloading can be a serious issue that damages not only your belongings but also disrupts lives completely if they are caught up in fire before it’s put out!

How to Avoid a Power Surge? 

Power surges are an all too common occurrence in homes today, but they don’t need to be a concern if you take the proper precautions. Here’s how:

  1. Inspect your wiring – Faulty or substandard wiring can make power surge problems worse and have a negative impact on electronic devices at home, so it is important to find out if there are any issues with an electrician’s help as soon as possible before they become too much of a problem.
  2. Educate yourself about power surges – Storms are one possible cause of surges; but other causes include faulty wiring in homes (especially when old wires come into contact with new ones), heavy appliance use like air conditioning units running too long during hot weather seasons while people run water simultaneously, or even lights getting switched on and off rapidly due to nearby lightning strikes!
  3. Purchase surge protection – will help prevent blown fuses or breakers when there’s a sudden spike of electricity that overloads the circuit. This device sends out pulses of alternating voltage at regular intervals which makes it more difficult for the equipment plugged into it from being affected during excess energy spikes. Extension leads fitted with overload sockets allow you to plug multiple devices safely since each outlet has its fuse protection!
  4. High-efficiency AC units could be the answer to avoiding power surges in your home. Older models use more energy and are likely to cause a spike if they abruptly stop pulling electricity, but newer ones will cut down on voltage spikes as well as save money by using less energy than their predecessors.
  5. One of the most important tips you can do during a storm is to unplug sensitive electronics. Lightning strikes are usually followed by power surges in your home, and these will damage any plugged-in devices that aren’t protected with surge protectors. So make sure all computers, televisions, microwaves – even lamps -are turned off before heading outside for safety’s sake!
  6. Install a whole-home surge protector – A primary surge protector device is installed at the breaker box in your home to protect it from surges that could damage all of its electrical devices and systems.

Extension Lead Cables: Uses and Benefits

Extension Lead Plugs Sockets

Is having an extension lead a bad idea?

The use of extension leads with multiple sockets can be very helpful when it comes to over-plugs of sockets at your home.

It is designed to prevent overloads of sockets thus, temporarily creating a solution to an overplugging problem in your home.

However, when purchasing an extension lead, it is important to know the different types of extension leads that are available in the market:

Some extension lead sockets come with protection against overloads and fires which can be very helpful in preventing your home from socket overload.

Make sure you buy an extension lead plug sockets fuse protected or surge protected if it is for temporary use at your home and never leave electrical appliances plugged into them unattended.

Risks of Buying a Cheap Extension Cords

Extension leads are created to extend the position of a socket, but there are risks when buying cheap ones.

Overloading sockets can cause fires and is very dangerous. It is important to buy extension lead plug sockets with overload protection for temporary use at your home.

Overloaded extension leads also have the risk of blowing a fuse or experiencing electrical problems which may lead to surges in power (and subsequent damage) if not handled properly.

Cheap extension lead will never be able to provide what’s needed without risking yourself from hazards like these

If you’re looking for something that’ll work well on a long-term basis then it would be best to spend more money on durable, quality products rather than buy cheaper ones with questionable safety standards.

Advantages of Extension Leads at Home

Some of the common advantages of using a reliable extension lead are it allows us to power our electronic devices even if they are far from the outlet and keeps our house neat from excess cables.

It also saves us money, and energy as we could turn off the socket that is not in use.

More than that, durable and quality extension leads provide overload protection and safeguards the electrical equipment inside your home against power spikes which could result in serious damage.

This is invaluable especially if you have children or pets at home as they may accidentally come into contact with any exposed cables while playing around the house.

Also, extension leads helps to protect your health by eliminating harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde emitted during air currents near the socket.

Recommended Extension Leads to Use

Overloading of extension leads with too many devices attached may affect their performance – this is why it’s highly recommended to buy quality extension cords from leading manufacturers including:

  1. iBlockCube Impression Series 2M/6.5FT Extension Lead is a set of Power Strip plug extensions with 3 outlets perfect for powering up laptops, phones, fans, or any other device you want to be charged at the same time! These plugs have an ultra-lightweight design but they’re durable enough to withstand anything in the home or office environment. Plus each outlet has its own on/off button as well so there’s no need to worry about wasting electricity by forgetting we had something plugged in before turning it off. Built out of fire retardant PC shell these cords offer protection against overcharging or overheating thanks to their built-in safeguards which also protect from voltage spikes and short circuits among others – making them one smart purchase
  2. The Cube Extension cord is an innovative new product that can charge up to 7 electronics at the same time! The cube design of this device allows its USB prongs and AC outlets in different directions. You’ll never have a lack of space for your devices again with all these additional ports on hand- not one outlet will be left out or unusable because you’re running off power from just 1 wall socket. Built-in overload, overvoltage, circuit breaker, overcurrent protection ensures electrical safety when charging multiple gadgets simultaneously without worrying about damaging any expensive equipment due to faulty wiring or other electrical malfunctions – as well as providing peace of mind knowing that there are safeguards against natural disasters such as lightning by including built-in security features as surge protect
  3. The iBlockCube TO9 Series is a first-class solution for the safety and security of any household or workplace. It’s created from state-of-the-art technology that strategically crafts an approach to proactive protection against cables not fitting in all outlets, thus avoiding unnecessary problems you may experience due to this issue! With 9 device slots available, it’ll allow simultaneous charging without having issues with plugs protruding into other devices’ space as well! Lastly but most importantly are built-in safeguards that ensure your devices won’t overcharge when plugged onto the unit. This also ensures they don’t ever overheat because there isn’t enough ventilation on these units at times.
  4. iBlockCube T18 Series UK is made with sliding safety covers that protect your children and pets from each unused outlet, as well as any unexpected electric shock. It has a standard USB interface that can charge up to 6 devices plus 3 AC sockets with 5V pourers for fast charging extension leads. The multiple built-in Safeguards fully protect against Overcharging, Overheating, or overvoltage; the power flow should not exceed 1Amp to be protected during overloads (10mA).
  5. U.S. Wire & Cable 50 FT. This 50-foot Extreme All-Weather Extension Cord from U.S. Wire & Cable is a perfect choice! With its durable construction and solid power rating, you know this wire will be up to whatever task comes your way with ease; it’s even flexible in freezing temperatures making it great no matter what time of year!
  6. Anker 12 Outlet 3 USB Power Strip Extension Cord, you can plug in all of your electronic devices and charge them at once. It features a row of six outlets perfect for standard two- or three-pronged plugs with built-in surge protectors on hand to keep things safe from sudden power surges that occur often these days. But it also has an additional 6 other spaces which are more spread apart for those times when you need some extra room between slots so as not to obstruct anyone else’s sockets next to yours; this is especially helpful if using bulky plugs like ones with large transformer blocks already attached!
  7. LIPWEL Household Extension 5m is the perfect product for every household in need of a little bit more space. Whether your family needs an extension cord to plug in that new LCD TV, or just want one longer than usual so it doesn’t have as much strain on them- this LIPWEL Product has got you covered! The PC material can withstand high-power appliances such as microwaves and electric water heaters without melting like plastic would do with those same items plugged into it.
  8. PIBEEX Extension leads are the perfect tool for getting power to your appliances. With 4 UK sockets and 4 USB ports, you can charge all of your devices or use a single extension lead to get power from one plug socket in any room with our 3250 watts/13 amp capacity that supports household equipment below this amount. We know electrical safety is important too so we have created a 75N Safety Resistance Protective Door which prevents children from accidentally touching plugs while strengthening protection against electric shock by preventing water damage due to leakage through vents (please note: these products should be kept out of reach of small children). The PIBEEX also has built-in thunder and surge protector features providing more security than other brands on the market!

It’s not uncommon for people to plug in more devices than their outlets can handle. You might be tempted by all of the chargers you have laying around, or just want a few extra lights on during an event—but this could spell trouble for your power system and overload sockets due to insufficient electrical outlets at home.

We hope this article gives you insight on how to minimize the risk of overloading sockets due to insufficient electrical outlets at home.

If you want to avoid accidents due to overplugging , we recommend investing in an outlet extender and a durable and standard extension lead so that everything can be plugged into one cord. This will keep everyone safe and happy!

Expand your knowledge about surge protection by visiting our website. Let’s protect your electronics together!

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