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Impression Series Universal Extension Lead



Upgrade to the iBlockCube Impression Series Universal Extension Lead with 3-way UK charger and 6 USB slots! Charge 9 devices simultaneously with built-in surge protection. Sturdy and convenient, it’s perfect for mobile phones, laptops, and travel adapters. Stay powered up with this high-quality power strip.

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Product Information

Global charging convenience with the Impression Series Universal Extension Lead

The Impression Series Universal Extension Lead brings efficiency and safety to your charging needs. Designed to be universally compatible with US, EU, UK, and CH plugs, this extension lead not only streamlines your charging process but also ensures longevity and durability. With its 6 USB ports and 3 plugs, it can handle a power output of up to 3000W. The addition of a 750℃ flame retardant cover, a child-safety door, and a 2m long copper power cord signifies a commitment to quality and safety. Its compact design is travel-friendly, making it a top choice for business travelers.

  • Suitable for various plug types including US, EU, UK, and CH.
  • 6 USB ports and 3 plugs with built-in surge suppressors.
  • USB total output of 13A shunt, offering up to 3000W power.
  • Passed the 750℃ needle-flame test, ensuring utmost safety.
  • Equipped with a 75N hybrid safety door for child and pet protection.
  • Advanced meshing technology for effortless plug insertion.
  • Upgraded bold power cord ensures durability and safety.
  • Overload protection with easy reset functionality.
  • Modern blue LED indicator for clear status visibility.
  • Compact design ideal for travel.
  • iBlockCube is committed to providing the best quality product and service for all buyers
  • Product Size: 18103CM
  • Packaging Size: 23.610.86.2CM
  • Product Weight: 0.58 KG
  • Material: PC – UL 94V-0 Flame-Retardant Standard
  • Total Output: 3000W 250V
  • Nominal Voltage: 110-250V
  • Rated Current: 13A
  • Rated Power: 3000W
What's in the box:
  • 1 x Impression Series Universal Extension Lead
  • 1 x User Manual/Instruction Guide

  1. Mr R L Prothero

    I bought this for its versatility at home. I have some two pronged plugs on several devices and was fed up of using shaver plugs to plug them in. I wanted something more stable.

    It never occurred to me that there was a product out there like this that would solve my problems. And solve them it does.

    The additional selling point, for me, were the USB charging points. Again this is something that didn’t occur to me. I’d been charging one device at a time for so long – all off the same single outlet – wishing that I could charge more than one thing at a time. I’m a fan of multi-purpose gadgets and this was perfect.

    My one minor negative about the product comes as a result of its versatility I think. Because each plug is multi-purpose it’s sometimes not super easy to plug in a regular UK plug – I mean it doesn’t fall in like butter – you may have to use a little extra care and attention to guide it in.

    If this product failed or broke then I’d definitely but another since it solves so many problems.

  2. Book Lover

    Happy with this – reasonable price, works well.

  3. Viks07

    I purchased this item to primarily travel with. It has all the ports I need to charge a laptop, tablet, multiple phones, battery banks and watches. This is perfect for family holidays, when we have a couple of phones, battery power banks and tablets, to keep kids busy.

    This power strip has a UK three PIN plug attached, which is perfect for me. When travelling, I will take one travel adapter, to connect this power strip, which will allow me to connect multiple devices to be charged. As most charging will be completed over night, I am not concerned on the speed of charge too much, as long as all devices are charged up in the morning, which they will be. All I need to take is a handful of USB-A cables for the phones, tablets and power banks, which will save in precious luggage weight and valuable space.

    The Power strip has 6 USB-A connections and three three pin plug connections, which is great for all other devices to be connected when needed. the three pin plug connections will also allow 2 pin plugs (Toothbrushes, etc..) to be connected as well.

    Point to note, when the device is on, the blue LED light is on, and can be turned off by pressing the main switch on the device itself, rather then the on the wall plug.

    The only improvement I would suggest is USB-C ports to be added on future device, to allow PD charging. Otherwise a very good and hopefully reliable device.

  4. Tasha

    I bought this for my bedroom as I was having a lot of difficulty with owning about a thousand USB plugs which were taking up so much room and probably causing a fire hazard in my old 8-port tower. There are so many USB chargeable devices nowadays and it’s just not practical to have to have a bulky 3-pin USB adapter for every single one. This plug having 6 USB ports in such a small area is so useful and compact! I’m glad it also has 3 ports on it for regular plugs as this is useful for my laptop, lamp, etc. I really like that they’re universal as this means my electric toothbrush charger can be plugged in without an adapter plug, as can my partner’s electric razor, both of which are those round 2-pin plugs that don’t fit the UK 3-pin standard. I’ve had a lot of problems before owning electrical plugs that omit an extremely high-pitched noise in the past, so I’m always sceptical bout buying new ones, but this one is completely silent which is what you want!

    I’m very happy that it has a switch to turn it on/off, as this safety feature allows me peace of mind when I leave the house, however when it is on, the logo lights up blue. This is good as I know when it’s on, but bad as I am used to complete darkness when I sleep, and the blue light (while small and not bright) is just glowy enough to be annoying at night! I cannot turn it off overnight as my lamp is in there, and I often need to charge my phone overnight also. Since taking the pictures, I’ve put a small strip of electrical tape over the light and that has very thankfully done a fantastic job of stopping the glow. It also comes with a mounting strip (3M brand) and while I haven’t used it, I have been toying with the idea of mounting it on my wall so it’s out of the way on the floor (although it does have rubber feet on the bottom so it stays put and doesn’t slide about all over the place!). Either way, it is nice to have the option whether to mount it or not! I have had such a good experience with this plug so far that I have since bought my partner the 5 meter one for his office.

  5. PhAnMaLe

    I bought a couple of these with different length cables (a 5m and a 2m) – I have the most useless set up of plug sockets in my flat and without stretching to pay out for a rewire to install much needed plug sockets, I have to resort to extension leads.
    Previously, I have used extension leads with plenty of sockets for electrical items, but as more and more of my electricals come enabled with USB chargers and my old faithful multi USB port charging is giving up the ghost (5 usb sockets are now down to 2 that work 🙁 ) I have found that the extension leads equipped with USB sockets are a godsend. 1 plug but capability of loading up 3 plug sockets and 6 usbs! Out with the old and in with the new as they say!
    I have always been happy with iBlockCube electricals and have purchased smart plugs and other extension leads. Their products seem very sturdy and come with 2 year warranties. Great value, look smart and do the job perfectly!
    In this instance, I chose the black and grey option – the facing is black but the edging is grey. This fits in with my black and grey colour schemes much better than the traditional stark white, and is a refreshing change from the solid black colouring – although this is a personal preference of course!

    Just one note to make and that is the wattage of the 2 leads – the 2m length has a slightly higher rated power of 3000w as opposed to the 5m length lead which has a 2500w UK power rating. Obviously, I don’t use electric heaters and heat producing equipment in the extensions (although in theory, permissable by wattage), and I certainly wouldn’t overload the socket at any one time – the lead does contain thermal cutout protection, but for plugging in my tv, echo dot and chargeable usb devices, (tablet/phone/etc), these are more than adequate.

    Just one last thing, the sockets are not independently switchable as are some of the other extensions that I use, but it does have an isolating rocker switch which for my use at home is more than adequate – I’ve just returned from holiday and it was so easy to turn the appliances from standby to off by pressing the switch to off and then on again when I got home and not going round plugging everything in 1 by 1 again!

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